Lesson Report-Adv.1-Oct.10th

[1] Kikutan-6K  Week-5 Review: On Cheating
- Lis-1=> Write what this narration wants to say in a sentence Lis-2=> Revise the sentence
Cheating on exams seems to be a common practice especially among students who worry about their grades and future prospects.
- Read=> Revise the sentence-> Shadow Reading-> Review the words/expressions
-> Shadow Reading-> Read aloud to learn how to use the words/expressions
[2] Inside Reading-2  Unit 5  Reading-2  Weather, Climate, or Both?
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- coherent; understandable, reasoned, rational, logical  be/seem/become ~, ~ remark  <-> incoherent
-> coherence; logical/ideological/theoretical ~.  have/possess/achieve/create/keep/maintain ~, ~ between, ~ in
=> Pair-1 Do you always maintain coherence in what you say?
=> Pair-2 Do you know someone who lacks or loses coherence in argument?
- exhibit
- E. - while en route [ɑn ˈrut] on the way; The plane crashed ~ from Cairo to Athens.

-disorient to make unable to organize sth; confuse: The darkness ~ d him.   - to make sb feel confused; ~d by sth
=> Integ. Speech Speak to your partner a summary of the text in 60 sec.
=> Ind. Speech Speak to your partner what you think of the case in 90 sec.
[3] Open Forum  Chapter 9  Earth Science News Program about Running in the Rain
- Preparing to Listen: If it rains and you don’t have an umbrella, do you walk or run?
- Before Lis Voc: What’s equal?: equal-equality-equalizer-equalization
=> Dic equate-equation-equator[ɪˈkweɪtər] –the great circle of the earth with a latitude of 0° dividing the N and S hemispheres   - a circle dividing a sphere or other surface into two equal symmetrical parts
- 1st Lis-through: [B] Main Ideas, Q-1, Q-2 => Pair
Q-1. Will you get wetter if you run or walk, in what conditions, and how much? 
Q-2. How the research was conducted?
- 2nd Lis-by Part: More Detail
[D] Focus on the Listening Skill: 1. Identify the sequencers   2. Find the sequencing expressions used.
=> Integ. Speech Explain the procedure of the research in sequence using sequencing expressions. 
=> Ind. Speech Explain the procedure of an activity you do/did in sequence using sequencing expressions.

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