Lesson Report-Adv.2-Oct.10th

[1] Kikutan-6K Day 21: Education Inequality
- Lis-1=> Write the Main Idea in one sentence-> 
Today, there are one billion people who can’t get proper education, and are unable to read or write.
- luxury pleasure/advantage of sth; - not everyone has/not all people have the luxury of sth/to do …
- decent  proper, appropriate, suitable, respectable, nice; a ~ meal/job/place, ~ clothes/person
- scarce insufficient to meet the demand; ~ resources -> scarcely; I can ~ believe it, We ~ meet/talk 
- literate-literacy, illiterate-illiteracy
- Practice Vocabulary Chant
[2] Inside Reading-3  Unit 6 The Physics of Fun  Reading-2  Summer Fun under Scrutiny
- Read-2-> Reading Skill: Making Inferences
3. Are the New York regulations for ride operators to be *at least 18 years old necessary? (L-63) 
Write your response in 4-6 sentences.=> HW by Oct. 15th
*Note: In the U.S., 18 is considered legal adult, ability to legally work, participate in contracts, vote, marry, give sexual consent, and join the military. Under 18 is regarded as minor. However, purchase of alcoholic drinks is limited to 21 or older in most states.
I think the regulation to set a minimum age to operate roller coasters is quite necessary because there are tasks and situations that only responsible adults can carry out.
First, operators need to understand the safety regulations for coasters thoroughly and why. If a person does things not knowing what they are for, he or she may not implement the job properly. Second, sometimes operators face riders who may forget, ignore or challenge the safety regulations and requirements.
In such cases, operators need to explain the regulations and why they are required, and have all the riders to follow them. (Operators need to be able to carry out such responsible and challenging tasks that only be done by adults.)
- Study Words/Expressions/Grammar
(P1-L15) glance (v) ~ at  (n) a quick look; take/have a ~ at sth  (L17) freak (adj) very unusual, unexpected; a ~ accident/occurrence/weather conditions (v) become upset, go mad; ~ freak out  (P3-L28) regulate  - to control sth by rules; control, standardize  - ~ sth to control the speed, pressure, time-> regulator   (L33) conduct an investigation  (L37) shins  front part of the leg below the knee  (P4-L45) implement new practices  - way of doing sth; common/standard/ ~, action rather than ideas; theory and ~, put into ~ (L59) Dic adhere  to stick firmly to sth  -> adhere to: to behave according to a particular law/rule/regulation/instructions; comply, observe, follow, keep;~ a low-salt diet, ~ teaching method   (P6-L75) dizzying – dizzy  feeling as if everything is spinning around; feel ~  (P7-L92) exotic  strikingly different/colorful, ~ flowers/birds/locations (P7-L100) feat  action/work that needs skill, strength, courage; achievement/accomplishment/performance; ~ of engineering, perform/achieve astonishing ~s, That was no mean ~. (P8-L119) acceleration and deceleration   (P9-L125) firsthand  (adj/adv) from the original source or personal experience; direct;  - at first hand  directly, from personal experience  (L129) eardrum blasting pressure (L137) wallop  heavy hit  (P10-L148) pulse-pumping rides  (L150) wrapping around the corner  to cover, to put sth around sth/sb; ~ a blanket around the baby
[3] Read & Write-3  Unit 2 Food and Taste – Reading #2  Finding Balance in Food
- Review: Descriptive Par. about your favorite dish. <-What makes food taste good? (HW by 10/8)
Use descriptive adjectives effectively and appropriately by consulting with your dictionary.
Unit 3 Sports – Preview the Unit: Idea Map
- Preview the Unit-> Listen to the Q-classroom/Web: give up/sacrifice, Personal Costs
- Read  For Idea Map: Figure Skating, Football, The marathon
=> Make an Idea Map for football, marathon, or figure skating by Financial, Physical, Emotional Gains and Costs
-> Pair Present what are the gains and costs of the sports with your opinion
Reading #1  Fast Cars, Big Money
An article from a business magazine about the popular sport of car racing from a business perspective
- Vocabulary
- Skim the Text; Title, Subheadings, Photo, Caption

- Listen -> Main Ideas and Details - Read-> Check the Answers
- Reading Skill: Scanning  Mark the words you’re going to scan-> Scan
- What do you think?-1 Do you think Formula 1 racing is a good or bad investment?
=> Write your answer in five to eight sentences. => HW by Oct. 15th

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