Lesson Report-Adv.1-Aug.22nd

[1] Kikutan-6K  ay 19: Conservation
Review  Shadow Reading -> Read=> Write a summary in 2~3 sentences. 
=> Pair Tell the summary without the writing=> Practice Vocabulary Chant
[2] Inside Reading-2  Unit 4  Reading-1 Could Shakespeare Have Written Shakespeare’s Plays?
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. -> Read aloud  1.manuscript: the original text of an author's work, handwritten or typed
- precede -> B. Note the reference
- protocol -> C. -> Read aloud
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- Word Form Chart
- D. Read aloud while restating with the words in parentheses 
☆ Integ. Speaking Review the text in 3 min. and tell the summary of the text in four points in 90 sec. 
[3] Open Forum Chapter 7 Health  Web Listening: A TV News Program about Stress in Teenagers
- Prepare to Listen: What kind of stress do teenagers have? What are the effects of stress on teenagers?
- Lis-1-> Main Ideas, More Details
- Lis-2=> Explain 
[Part-1] What happened to Jerome  
[Part-2] Why and how students get depressed? 
[Part-3] What should depression be dealt with?
=> Explain what Dr. Carson believes is to solve the teenagers’ depression in 60 sec.
- Vocabulary: detriment (harm/damage)->detrimental effect, depressed-depression, set priorities=prioritize, concentrate on immediate needs, chronic stress, put pressure on sb 
=> Ind. Speech What kind of stress do you get? Speak your response in 60 sec. 

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