Lesson Report-Senior 2-Aug.25th

1. Kikutan-4K  Day 19: Joan of Arc  (French: Jeanne d'Arc)
- Lis-1=> Write the Main Idea in one sen.-> Lis-2=> Revise -> Read w/CD-> Read=> Revise
- Study Vocabulary: inspire-inspiration, lead-led-led sb to do, in general
=> Dic inspire  -give sb the desire/confidence/enthusiasm to do sth; ~ the team (to work hard)
-to give sb the idea for sth; the work is ~d by Monet -> inspiration; have ~ to do
- Practice Voca Chant
2. Read & Write-2  Unit 3 Courtesy: Reading 2: Answers to all your Travel Questions
Class Review Check if the examples are introduced and shown clearly and supportive to the main idea.
I think that young students today are very rude. I’m one of the senior members of the school Judo club. 
How can I teach junior members to be polite?=> Revise the paragraph
3. Cover to Cover-2  Unit 9  Relationships   Part 1  Falling Out
- Read Par.1-4 w/CD-> Read aloud Par.1-4=> Task-1 
1.(Pr-4) What’s weird is that ~ about losing my friend.を日本語にしなさい。
2. (pr-2, 3) その対立によって私は、かつて私が彼女の妹の肩を持って以来ずっと彼女が距離を置いてきたことに気がついた。(confrontation)
The confrontation made me realize that she had been acting distant ever since I took the side of her sister.
- Read Par.5-10 w/CD -> Read aloud Par.5-10=> Task-2 
1. Pr-8 We don’t hesitate to share ~ we could share anything. を日本語にしなさい。
2. Pr-9 Because falling out with ~ talk about our feelings. を日本語にしなさい。
3. Pr-9私たちは悪いテストの点をとった時に初めて、いかになまけていたかが分かるものだ。
- Vocabulary in Context-A, B 

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