Lesson Report-Adv.2-Aug.22nd

[1] Listening & Vocabulary: Kikutan-6K  Day 15: Mont Saint-Michel 
- elaborate (adj) before N: very complicated, detailed, carefully prepared, sophisticated, overworked; 
~ designs, meal, system, work, care, preparation 
(v) [reit] explain/describe in more detail, clarify, develop, evolve, specify; ~ the reason/argment
- secure (adj) solid, steady, confident; feel ~ about <-> insecure  safe, protected; ~ job/income/place
(v) obtain, get, achieve, win, attain; ~ a contract/votes/position/place  
protect, assure, ensure; ~ a property/territory, ~d place -> security
[2] Inside Reading-3  Unit 5  Film Studies   Reading-2  Freeze Frames – Stopping Time
☆ Review HW-2  Study Words/Expressions/Grammar
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A ->Dic obtain: (formal) to get sth with effort; ~ advice/information/permission, ~ a copy; get, acquire, earn, gain
- appreciate Dic (vt) - be grateful for sth; ~ your help, ~ it if you could … - recognize worth; value highly, respect, regard, honor  - increase in worth: gain, improve; recognize the quality/value; ~ art/literature/talent
(vi) increase in value over time <-> depreciate – depreciation 
-> B. appreciate -> C. value Pair -> D. appreciate Pair
=> Ind. Speech What do you think your parent(s) appreciate the most? Speak your response in 60 sec.
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- image: the spitting image of: the exact double to -> E. skip
- E. version: Mark the key words that determine the answer. 
-> remake, revision, revised ~, the latest/updated/original ~
[3] Read & Write-3 Unit 1 First Impressions Reading #1 How to Make a Strong First Impression
☆ Review HW What do you consider your greatest strength? What do you consider your greatest weakness? Write five to eight sentences in response and to give advice, suggestion or instructions for something 
☆ HW-3 Topic Read "Kanto-Kansai Feud" Write your response in 150 words=> Review=> Revise=> Discuss

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