Lesson Report Senior-1p August 21st

Hello class! This is Towako from MEL School.
How's everything going?
It's Saturday, August 22, 2015. 
The sun's back!

Did you find the conversation in Deep Listening funny?
You should care about people around you, but it's often no use minding others' business.
Please review how to use the vocabulary we reviewed yesterday.
Our presenter yesterday was Yuhei.
He seemed to have had a great time in Australia!
I'm sure all of you envied him.

<Lesson Review>

Show and Tell
Ask a presenter a good question
Deep listening Level 3  Lesson 3
Cover to Cover 1  Unit 2  Vocabulary review
Unit 2  Extensive Reading  The President's murderer  Introduction

Make the best use of your time during the vacation!
See you next week.


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