Lesson Report-Adv.1-Feb.13th

1. Kikutan-6K  Day 41: Organic Cotton
More organic cotton is being grown these days because it uses no chemicals and therefore is better for health and environment.
- purchase  to acquire by the payment of money or its equivalent; buy: (n) ~ department, ~ing power
- accumulate  to gather or collect in gradual degrees; add to, pile up: ~ wealth, Snow ~d in the driveway.
- yield   - harvest, return, output, revenue, earn; ~ a 5% interest/revenue/return  - surrender, give up/in
- substitute  (n) a sb/sth acting or serving in place of another: a milk ~, there is no ~ for practical experience. (often sub) a player who replaces another; as (a) ~, a ~ teacher
(v) - to put sb/sth in the place of another; replace.: Nothing can ~s for sb/sth, 
Margerine can be ~d for butter. Butter can be ~d with margarine.
2. Typing Practice  http://www.learntyping.org/  Free Typing Test J   Free Typing Test K
3. Inside Reading-2  Unit 9 True and Faults   Reading-1  A Game of Checkers
- Check the main ideas again
 => Blog Write a summary of the article in four to six sentences/100 words.
 => Speak the summary of the article in four to six sentences
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. - B. - Corpus - perceive  to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses: notice, recognize, observe, identify: 
->C. Check the things if they could be replaced by a word of sensation (see, hear, etc) 
4. Open Forum-1 Chapter 12 Law  Listening-1: An Interview about Restorative Justice
- Introducing the Topic ->Vocabulary robbery, offend-offender, kidnap-kidnapping, snatch, 
plead guilty/innocent, charge, convict, restore-restoration-restorative
- plead [pli:d] pleaded-pleaded/pled-pled - ask sb for sth: with sb, for sth; ask, request, beg, appeal to:
plead guilty or not guilty, plead insanity
- convict [kənvɪkt[] -conviction (n) [kɒnvɪkt]<-> acquit-acquittal: The jury voted for conviction/acquittal
- offend: make sb feel upset/unpleasant; hurt, displease, insult  - commit a crime, offender, offensive, offending
- Prepare to Listen: Is prison an effective form of punishment for crimes or a solution to prevent crimes?
*restore: making you feel strong, healthy again; fix, bring back, recover, rebuild, revive -restoration-restorable
- 1st Lis-through: [B] Main Ideas, [C] More Details => Explain what restorative justice is in three sentence.
- 2nd Lis-by part: Part-1 => Explain what the restorative justice is with an example.
- Part-2 => Explain the roots and benefits of restorative justice.
=> Explain what restorative justice is with an example in 60 seconds. Compare it with traditional approach, using instead of, while or unlike..

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