Lesson Report-Sr.2p.Feb.19th

1. Kikutan-4K   Day 40  Cellphone Manners
Cellphones are used by almost everyone but their manner to use them need to be improved.
=> conscious aware of one's own existence/sensations/thoughts  - fully aware of or sensitive to sth: ~ of the problem/faults/gossip - mental faculties fully active: ~ during... half-~,  (n) –ness: moral ~, gain ~ - 
- conscience  the inner sense of what is right/wrong in one's conduct/motives: follow the ~
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 2 The Business of Branding  Reading-1 The Power of Branding
- Read Par.1: How are Nike and other brands represented in a track race? Nike SF Marathon  Nike Shoes  
=> Task-1 Write Paragraph-1 を日本語にしなさい。
- Read Par.4: How are Rolls-Royce and McDonald’s regarded in the world respectively? 
Rolls-Royce McDonald’s McDonald’s India  McDonald’s China
=> Task-2  Write Paragraph-4 を100語以内で要約しなさい。 => Pair Compare the summary.
その一方で、McDonaldのように母国での高い評判が、他の市場では外国ブランドとして苦戦するケースもある。 (96語)
3. Open Forum-1 Chapter 2 Literature Radio Interview about Artists for Literacy
- Listening-3 w/Script Blog 
-> Voc: literacy, statistics, motivate, inspire, compile, donate, lyrics, plot
=> So it works the other way around too! What does this phrase mean?
- Vocabulary/p.11: Words related to Books
paperback-hardcover, plot, edition, sequel-prequel, fiction-nonfiction, publish-publisher-publication
☆ Pair Ask questions about reading books to a partner.
- Do you read books regularly? Do you like reading books? 
- Do you think you should read more books? 
- Do you read books in your smartphone or tablet? 
- Which will you buy next, paper book or e-book? 
- What interests or encourages you to read books; music, movie, book review, recommendation, or device, or do you rather spend that time on watching movies or doing something else?
=> ☆Answer your question in 90 seconds. Do you read a lot? <= Partner to ask a good question.

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