Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Feb.16th

1. Kikutan-4K  Day 39: The Roots of Facebook
Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 when he was still a college student. The company grew fast and has become a huge corporation. It provides convenience and human touch to its users around the world.
2. Read & Write-2   Unit 8 Stories  Reading 2 : Writing a Short Story
- Vocabulary: resolve-resolution, time span; a distance, amount, piece
- Reading-1-> Main Ideas, Details
- Vocabulary Skill: Connotations  (an association or idea suggested by a word or phrase; implication)
  More examples from Q-Skill: terrify-afraid, interesting-exciting, rude-impolite, fear-panic, speak-yell, dream-nightmare, ban-discourage, furious-offended
  -> 1~ 5. furious-angry -> fury, thin-skinny, tired-exhausted, smell-odor, disagreed-argued 
=> What do you think? B.2 
(1) Identify the challenge and conflict The Hodja faces in the story. 
- To stay out in a freezing temperature or give up the challenge. (par.7)
- To accept the criticism his friends made and serve dinner for them. (par.12)
(2) Summarize what those challenge and conflict are and how the Hodja resolves them respectively in 90 seconds.
3. Inside Reading-2  Unit 2 The Business of Branding  Reading-1 The Power of Branding
-> Study Words/Expressions: [P1] speed-sped/speeded,  revenue (gov. income from tax, gross income from biz) tax ~s, in ~  Dic convert (v: to change/adapt the form, character, or function of; transform) – convert (n) – conversion   equate (to regard, treat, or represent as equivalent)- equal-equation [P2] ranch (a large farm to breed and grow livestock)  stock (livestock), recognize-recognition: brand ~, [P3] register with (impress), aristocratic-aristocracy-aristocrat (elite, nobility-noble) [P4] franchise (store/restaurant/biz operating under a license) Dic prominent: important, famous, distinguished, outstanding, well-known, leading, big name  [P5] subculture (a group distinctive enough to be distinguished from others within the same culture/society)  medium-media(pl)  [P7] no-nonsense: practical, serious, economical  [P8] patriotism-patriot 
- Read-2 -> Study the structure: how the topic is explained by pronouns/example/explanation in ea. par.
=> Discuss what the last paragraph is saying.
-> Study Sentences: [L3-P1] Nevertheless, other companies ~ that goes with it.
[L16-P2] The term brand ~ or a horse.  
[L46-P4] The McDonald’s restaurant ~ these difficult situations.  
[P9] The origins of branding ~ not so far away.

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