Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Feb.26th

1. Kikutan-4K  Week 7 Review  Communication Devices of the Future
Like smartphones appeared only in science fiction world 20 years ago, it’s hard to imagine what sort of communication device will be used in the future.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 2  Reading-2 Product Placement
Before you Read: Think of any movies or TV programs that some products or services are shown or used. Are you more likely to buy or use such products or services?
- Previewing and Predicting
-> Skim the Text by marking the topic and underlining the topic sentence of each paragraph.
=>Blog Write what this magazine article is about in one sentence.
Sponsors use product placement on various media as an effective tool to reach and influence consumers. 
- Read-1 -> Check and study if and how the topic and main idea is supported and explained in each par.
-> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the paragraph #, Correct false statements.
3. Open Forum-1 Chapter 2 Literature   #2: Informal Conversation about Books - Listening-1/by Person-> Try to get the Main Ideas
- Listening-2/by Person-> More Details=> Write the Main Idea in the Textbook
=> Ineg. Speech Explain each person’s reading experience
=> Thinking and Speaking/p.14 => Pair
=> ☆ Explain When you choose a book to read, what influences you the most, the title, cover, description, someone’s recommendation, readers’ reviews or comments? Answer the question in 90 seconds

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