Lesson Report-Adv.2-Feb.27th

[1] Listening & Vocabulary: Kikutan-6K  Day 40: Canada’s National Parks
In Canada, three percent of the land is assigned as national parks to conserve nature and wildlife there.
- foster  - to promote the growth/development of; further; encourage, promote, support: ~ new ideas  
- to bring up, raise, as a foster child: ~ father/parent/family/home/child
- conservation -> conserve  - to use or manage (natural resources) wisely; preserve; save, protect
   - to prevent injury, decay, waste, or loss of: ~ your strength for the race.
[2] Speaking Practice
What have you learned the most in MEL School?
What are you going to do in college?
What do you think is important for the future?
[3] My Global Learning Program-3  The Pacific War
7. Korea's aftermath of the war
8. East Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan
- 1. Review how the four east-Asian countries were ruled and lead after the war.
- 2. Review how the four east-Asian countries restored and developed their economy.
- 3. Compare the paths those four countries took to that of Japan. 
=> What have you learned from the history of East Asia and/or through MGL? 

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