Lesson Report-Advancing-May 15th

Dear Advancing Classmates,
What makes something, someone or someplace popular is very much unpredictable.
No matter how well you plan, invest and promote something, you never know it'll become popular especially when people communicate and share information so quickly and personally.
You just need to keep your eyes closely on what kind of reactions your product is getting.
Grammar in Use  
Unit 6: Past Continuous 6-B, C-> 6.4
Unit 55: try/need/help + ing/to …  55-A-> 55.1, 55-B-> 55.2, 55-C-> 55.3
Open Forum Chapter 10 Web: TV Program – the First Immigrants to Hawaii
Read & Write Unit 1 Why does something become popular?
Planning a Descriptive Paragraph
- Grammar: Simple Present and Present Continuous
- Plan & Write: Writing Describe a trend such as in cars, food, technology, clothes, music, movies, social network, communication device, or tools that interests you and explain why it’s (getting or going to be) popular.
-> Plan: Choose a Trend -> Answer the questions B. 1-4/p. 19-20: What, How, Why, How?
=> 1.Write a topic sentence including your topic and controlling idea.
=> 2.Write your paragraph to explain and support your topic.
☆ Try These! : Present Simple and Continuous=> Refer to the Grammar/p.18, Sample Text/p.18

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