Lesson Report-Senior 2-May 7th

Dear Senior 2 Classmates,
How did you spend the holidays? Did you enjoy yourself a lot or push yourself too hard?
At any rate, hope you're fully charged and ready for the next few months.
[1] Vocabulary in Use: C36-U1 #1   などに関することば
Fill in the blanks-> Read aloud => ✩Practice Reading
[2] Bridge Work: C36-U1  Sunday is when Jennifer puts make-up on
Speech in Reported Speech-> Q&A => Report Writing  (Speaker to revise w/T)
[3] Deep Listening -3  Lesson 13 Troublesome New Neighbor
☆Vocabulary: => reasonable-unreasonable, cope with, make matters worse
[4] Review HW: Replay email to TK=> Revise-Self
[5] Cover to Cover Unit 2 -Part 2 The Experts Are Wrong!
3. I need to push myself to go to a good university because I want to get a good job to make/earn a lot of money in the future.
- Expanding Vocabulary
Communication Task-2 Let’s discuss!: Are you ready to push yourself hard to be competitive with those talents in the world to get a good job, or stay as you are to take a low-wage local job with minimum skill requirements that could be replaced by part-timers or even foreign immigrants from developing countries?

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