Lesson Report-Senior 1-May 23rd

Dear Senior-1 classmates,
First, write the title that describes what your essay is about.
Second, write the topic sentence that clearly states your opinion.
Then, write supporting details to explain the topic sentence.
Finally, write a concluding sentence to restate main point.
[1] Bridge Work C30-U1 - G&C-3 => Ex-3 Oral practice => Grammar Writing
[2] Vocabulary in Use: C29-U1 #1 Repeat after CD-> Fill in the blanks->✩Practice Reading
[3] Read and Write Unit 4 Positive Thinking: What are the benefits of positive thinking?
Reading-2: The Lost Horse
Review Writing: your opinion if the old man in Reading 2 is a positive thinker or not.
- Vocabulary Skills: Phrasal Verbs-> A: Read the definitions and find the matching phrasal verbs -> B
Before Writing
- Writing Skill: Time Order Words – One day, ~ later, The next ~, Then, After ~ --> A/p.74
- Tips for Success/p.75: Title of a story comes with a title whose words start with capital letters.
-> B/p.75.
=> Write five to eight sentences about an event/incident, recipe, instructions or procedures using time order words.

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