Lesson Report Primary-2 May 30th

Hello Class! This is Kumiko from MEL School.
How are you? It's Saturday, May 31, 2014.
It's sunny today and hot today!
Picture Dictionary Topic 28, Birthday Partyに入りました。クイズも良くできていました。
l How many balloons? Six balloons
l How many hamburgers? Eight hamburgers
l How many robots? One robot
This is Phonics P 5 を復習しました。皆たくさん覚えましたね!
Grammar Starter ではP15 Exercise 8, 9  を解きました。's, isn't, 're, aren'tの使い方を覚えましょう。
Up and Away Reader のワークシートはとても良くできていました!
Great work!

<Lesson Review>
Picture Dictionary Topic 28  Birthday Party()
Sing chant
Write new words in notebook
How many ? quiz Write sentences in notebook
This is Phonics Unit 1 Consonant Diagraphs
Sing chant P6.
Practice P5
Grammar Starter Unit We`re good friends. P5
Do exercise 8,9
Up and Away 3A Magic Picture Book worksheet (2)

Have a nice weekend. 
See you!


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