Lesson Report-Senior 1-May 2nd

Dear Senior-1 Classmates,
How are you going to spend this four-day weekend? Are you going somewhere?
No matter what you do, make sure to practice reading English every day, even for just 10 minutes.
And don't forget to do your homework!!!
[1] Bridge Work/Asai: C29-U1 How long have you studied English?
- G&C-3 => Ex-3 => WB p. 10 Activity -2 => GIU
[2] Vocabulary in Use/Asai: C28-U1 #2  人の生活や一生に関することば
- Repeat after CD-> Fill in the blanks->✩Practice Reading
[3] Topic Reading: Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally
(1) Read the article and explain who are mostly affected by air pollution in 50 words without the aid of dictionary
Women and children of low and middle class families in South East Asia are most likely affected by air pollution because they spend most of their time indoor where coal or wood is burned for cooking, which is considered to be the major cause of heart and blood vessels diseases. (50 words)
(2) Few risks have … we all breatheを日本語にしなさい。
=> Revise w/Dic=> Check the Answers -> Study Vocabulary
Homework by May 9th
(3) この記事の要約を100語以内で書きなさい。
世界保健機構の調査によると、2012年の室内、戸外での空気汚染による死者は7百万人に達し、心臓病や血管疾病など、健康に最も悪影響を及ぼす環境要因であった。この問題への対処には、国際的な協調が欠かせない。 (98字)

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