Lesson Report-Senior 1-May 9th

Dear Sr-1 Classmates,
Do you think you're more positive than most of your classmates?
Is it easy for you to stay positive all the time?
As you probably prefer people who are or try to be positive, why don't you do the same?
[1] Bridge Work/Asai: C29-U2 Have you ever been to Oxford before?
- G&C-1 -> Ex.1
- G&C-2 -> Ex.2
[2] Vocabulary in Use/Asai: C28-U1 #2  人の生活や一生に関することば
- Repeat after CD-> Fill in the blanks->✩Practice Reading
[3] Read & Write=> Topic Reading: Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally
Check HW=> (3) この記事の要約を100語以内で書きなさい。Answer Key=> On Lesson Blog
世界保健機構の調査によると、2012年の室内、戸外での空気汚染による死者は7百万人に達し、心臓病や血管疾病など、健康に最も悪影響を及ぼす環境要因であった。この問題への対処には、国際的な協調が欠かせない。 (98字)
[4] Read & Write: Unit 4 Positive Thinking: What are the benefits of positive thinking?
Objective: Write about a time when you/someone changed a situation with positive thinking.
Check HW: C/p.62 interpretation of all the sayings.
Reading-1: The Power of Positive Thinking?
- Reading #1-> Main Ideas: Identify the key words in the text that made you find the answers
-> Details: Underline the key words that made you decide your answers

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