Lesson Report-Senior 1-May 30th

Dear Sr-1 Classmates,
Which vacation policy would you prefer to have, flexible or set-schedule?
Either options seems to have viable advantages and drawbacks. It seems that it all depends on what your priorities are for your work, study and vacation.
[1] Bridge Work C30-U2  - G&C-1 & 2 => Activity
- G&C-3 => Ex-3 => Grammar writing
[2] Vocabulary in Use: C29-U2 #2 Repeat after CD-> Fill in the blanks->✩Practice Reading
[3] Unit 5 Vacation: why is vacation important?
Reading-1  Vacation from Work: Employee Vacation Policy/Toy’s Inc.
- Vocabulary: Read the Text aloud -> Answer with Part of Speech in mind-> Read the Text again
-> Dic reduce-reduction: to make sth less/smaller in size/quantity/price etc.
- Preview Reading 1: Scan the email to answer the questions
- Reading #1, 2-> Main Ideas, Details
- Study Words/Expressions: time off, option

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