Lesson Report-Advancing-May 1st

Dear Advancing Classmates,
So, did you enjoy learning and discussing about democracy? Direct democracy and indirect democracy seem to have considerable difference, don't they? You'll learn more about not only what democracy is about and also how it could fall at the next My Global Learning lesson.
Read & Write:  Rewrite 5-8 sentences to respond to the question. => Homework by May 8th.
☆Make sure to review and check;
- if the verbs are correctly used  - if the topic sentence is clearly stated, supported and explained.
Open Forum 40 min Chapter 10 History Presentation about Ellis Island #1
Unknown Vocabulary: docs, vines, detain-detention, fiddle, relative
- Pronunciation: Unstressed and Contracted *Auxiliary Verbs.
*Auxiliary Verbs: A verb used in forming the tenses, moods and voices of other verbs. (be/do/have/will)
Speaking Skills: Giving Presentations-> Add one or two tips of your own.
=> Pair Talk about two or three strategies you would try applying when you make a presentation.
Speaking Practice-1
- Video Presentation advice for students (Tom's Tips)
=>Prepare a two-minute presentation about your favorite person, place or thing such as a dish, book, movie, sport or event. Conclude your presentation by giving good recommendation, suggestion or impression.
=> Presentation to Group => Invite Questions and Give the Answers
My Global Learning
Prep Reading-1  Democracy from Wikipedia=>Task Summarize what democracy is about in 50 words.
Prep Reading-2  Democracy by U.S. Department of State http://www.state.gov/j/drl/democ/
=>Task Write why the United States promotes democracy in 50 words
Material-1   Greek democracy and modern democracy
Discussion-1  Is voting a right or duty?

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