Lesson Report Primary-2 May 2nd

Hello Class! This is Kumiko from MEL School.
How are you?
It's Saturday, May 3, 2014.
It`s a beautiful day!
I hope you are having a nice long weekend.
This is Phonics Unit 1 Consonant Diagraphs (二文字子音) P 6jingleが完璧でした!
Great work!
Grammar Starter ではIt, he, she , theyの使い方を復習し、問題を解いてみました。
Up and Away Reader 3Aな内容は面白いですが、新しい単語も多く、ますます難しくなってきました。

<Lesson Review>
Picture Dictionary Topic 26 The Pirate Ship()
Sing chant
This is Phonics Unit 1 Consonant Diagraphs
Sing chant P6.
Do exercise on P 14
Grammar Starter Unit 2 Hello! Im Jenny. P1 Do exercise 7
Up and Away 3A Magic Picture Book Read P 10-13

Have a great weekend . 
See you next Friday!


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