Lesson Report Primary-1 May 2nd

Hello class! This is Kumiko from MEL School.
How are you?
It’s Saturday, May 3, 2014. 
It is sunny today. Are you enjoying your long weekend?

きのうのレッスンではPicture Dictionary のTopic 2 Numbers (6) を学習しました。
This is Phonics のUnit 2 The Phonics Alphabet のjingle、とカードを見てアルファベット順に上手に発表できていました。
Up and away workbook ではP10   It is….Is it? の問題を復習しましたね。
Up and Away student book Unit 5 What is it?これは何ですか?を新しく学習しました。

Up and away student book Classroom commands P27を復習しました。
今回はとても良く発表できました。Good work!

<Lesson Review>
Picture Dictionary Topic 2 Numbers
Sing the Chant
This is Phonics Unit 2 The Phonics Alphabet
Say cards in alphabetical order.
This is Phonics Do P 10
Up and Away work book Review P 10
Up and Away student book Review P11
Up and Away Student book Unit 5 What is it?
Practice asking questions andanswering.
Up and Away student book review Classroom Commands P27

Have a wonderful weekend!
See you next Friday!


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