Lesson Report Junior-2E April 30th

Hello class!
This is Towako from MEL School.
How are you doing?
It's Wednesday, April 30th, 2014.
It's rainy today.
We're going to have a nice day tomorrow, aren't we?
そして、Golden Weekが始まりますね。
Do you have any plans?
Do you have a lot of homework to do?
MEL Schoolからも宿題が出ていますね。
レッスンで練習したVerbs from Book 1の復習としてNo. 1-24 までの確認練習をしてください。
そして、この前の音読テストの課題 Jiroの自己紹介を参考にみなさん自身、そして家族の紹介を書いてください。そして鏡の前で30回は練習してみんなの顔を見て発表できるようにしましょう。
Our speakers yesterday are Chiharu, Ryuto and Shintaro.
Chiharu talked about her school trip to Nagano.
Ryuto's speech was about his visit to his friend.
Shintaro told us about his track and field competition.
The next speaker is Sae.
Get ready for your speech!

<Lesson Review>
基礎英語3 Review task
Bridge Work Chapter 13 Unit 2
Verbs from Book 1 #1-20 practice
(p. 24)

Enjoy your Golden Week holiday!
See you next Wednesday!


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