Lesson Report-Senior 2-May 21st

Dear Senior-2 Classmates,
Are you now interested in visiting France, which is one of the most visited travel destinations for tourists.
Of course sight seeing is fun, but visiting rural areas in France might get you more memorable experience because agriculture is big industry for them and there you can see and experience slow but more-human-like life styles, like southern Italy. Would you like to give a try?
[1] Vocabulary in Use   C36-U1 #2: 訳 Voc Writing Phrase
[2] Bridge Work C36-U2 - G&C-1 whatever, whoever #1
[3] Deep Listening -3   Lesson 14  Announcement:
☆ Before Listening: connect, book a flight
[4] Read & Write  Unit 5 Vacation: why is vacation important?
Reading Comprehension from Q-Skills: Tourism in France
Task-1  Read the text and write a summary in 50 words
Model Summary: Tourists have various reasons to choose where to spend their vacation. France seems to have all sorts of things and places that any tourist would want, it attracts more visitors than any other country in the world, as many as over 74 million a year.  (45 words)
Task-2  Read the text again and study how each sentence functions.

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