Lesson Report-Advancing 1-Sep.15th

1. Daily 1500 #35 High School Alumni Newsletter
Voc alumnus-alumni, secretary, treasurer, catch up with-keep contact with, inner city
☆ Integrated Speaking: Listen to Answer the Question [60sec/Prep=>60 sec]=> Read to Explain
Who is Sister Beatrice? What did she do to the students and is she doing now?
2. Reading and Writing-2  Unit 4 Games Unit Objective Writing an Opinion Paragraph
Preview the Unit
Reading 1: Money and Sports #1
- Vocabulary/p.65: finance-financial, have an advantage/disadvantage
- Preview the Chart of the world top football teams/p.67
- Listening-1/Q-Classroom-> Main Ideas, Details 1-4
- Reading-1: Underline the Main Idea and Identify the Supporting Ideas/Examples of each Paragraph
=> Summarize what this article wants to say within 50 words (3~5 sen) in 10 min=> Pair=>Revise
3. Topic Study  Scotland Referendum for Independence/PPT
Scotland’s Referendum for independence is going to be held on 18th September, 2014.
The early polls suggest it’s going to be a tight race. Not only politicians like PM and other party leaders, but also famous celebrities and billionaires are calling for unification.
The referendum question will be, "Should Scotland be an independent country?"
Voters can answer only Yes or No. All residents in Scotland aged 16 or over can vote, representing over 4 million people. To be successful, the independence proposal requires a simple majority, at least one more vote for the proposal than against it.
=> If you were a Scot, which would you vote, Yes to independence or No?
Prepare your response in 5 minutes.=> Pair.

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