Lesson Report Primary-1 September 16th

Hello class! This is Kumiko from MEL School.
It's Tuesday September 16, 2014.
It's sunny today.
Picture Dictionary のTopic 9 My Family Album(4)を学習しました。
Good work!
This is Phonics Unit 4 P34を学習しました。穴埋め問題はできましたか? 
Hot と hat の違いに気をつけましょう!
Up and Away student book Unit 32 Simple Present have/has を学習しました。
Up and Away Reader Book 1B の音読リレーはとても上手でした!

<Lesson Review>
Picture Dictionary Topic 9 My Family Album(4)
Sing the chant.
Memorize words from Family Album and present
This is Phonics   Unit4  Vowels P34 Listen to CD and fill in blanks .
Up and Away student book Do Unit 32 Simple present Have/has Read
sentences( Pair work), present. Make own sentences using have, has
Up and Away Reader 1B 音読リレー

Have a great week!
See you on Friday!


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