Lesson Report-Senior 1-Sep.2nd

・基礎英語3: Listen to Communicate  Listen w/o Textbook=> Task-> Read
- L-65 Listen to Explain what they are going to do.
=> Pair How long does the show/tour/class take/last? or How long will the meeting take/last?
- L-66 Listen to Describe the conversation in reported speech.
- L-67 Listen & Repeat
- L-68 Listen & Repeat: Is it OK if I … => Sure/Of course. Do you mind if I …?=> Not at all.
・Read & Write Unit 7 Music: How does music make you feel?
- Review Reading Skills: Identifying Supporting Sentences and Details
Reference Reading from Q-Classroom
Music in Our Store : In our store, we change the music according to the age of our customers. Because we have older customers most of the day, we play slow, classical music. When we started playing slow music for our older customers, sales increased by 50%. Because after school we get a lot of teenagers, we change to pop music. The older customers quickly leave, but the teenagers spend about $1,000 a day. Late in the day, we want to close the store, so we change the music one last time. We play polka music and the young people leave in about five minutes.
=> Discuss What kind of store is it? What do they sell? Explain why.
What Do You Think?-2/p.126  Make a music plan for a business you want to own and run.
-> Write a TS: I want to use/play ~ music for my ~ business.
-> Answer each question (=>SS) and write 2~3 sentences to explain it (=>Detail).
=> Write a paragraph to explain a music plan for your business.=> Pair => Revise

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