Lesson Report-Advancing 1-Sep.18th

1. Grammar in Use  Unit 64 To adj to do, Adj + prep + -ing
2. Open Forum-2  Chapter 2 Psychology - Web Lecture about the Theory of Multiple Intelligence
=> Task-1: Explain what intelligence is.
=> Task-2: Explain what the Theory of Multiple Intelligence is about-1. [60sec/Prep=>90 sec]
=> Task-3: Explain what the Theory of Multiple Intelligence is about-2. [60sec/Prep=>90 sec]
- Vocabulary: interpersonal- intrapersonal,
3. Reading and Writing-2  Unit 4 Games Unit Objective Writing an Opinion Paragraph
Reading 1: Money and Sports #2
Review Reading -> Review summary what this article wants to say in three sentences.
Money gives unfair advantage for professional sport teams. Wealthy teams are more successful and make even more money than less wealthy ones and they can also recruit better coaches and players. Sports fans want to enjoy close and fair competitions but it seems to be difficult to agree on effective solutions. (50 words)
=> What do you think?  Write five to eight sentences in response in 15 minutes.
Do you think professional athletes earn too much? Why or why not?
=> Pair Explain your thoughts in 60 seconds w/o the writing
Reading Skill: Par. 3, 4, 6 Taking Notes -> Substituted by Underline, Highlight or Check.
=> Learn how those paragraphs are written and organized.

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