Lesson Report-Senior 2-Sep.27th

1.Bridge to MEL Book 3
- Grammar: C30-U2 – G&C-2, G&C-3
- Vocabulary: C30-U1 #1,2
2. Read & Write  Unit 7 Music:Writing-Review
[A] a paragraph about TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) you enjoy music and how it makes you feel.
[B] a paragraph about your favorite type of music.
3. Topic Study  Scotland Referendum for Independence
- Study: Scotland in the U.K, Brief Overview, Population
=> Integrated Speech: If you were a Scot, which would you have voted, yes for independence or no ?
What do you think they should do, Respect the result of the referendum (majority of the votes) and proceed to independence / stay status quo, or Respect those who opposed/supported independence and postpone the process to independence / hold a general election?
=> Discuss in a group of mixed supporters and opponents
=> Write what do you think they should do, respect the majority of the votes and … in 100 words.

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