Lesson Report Junior-2E September 27th

Hello class! This is Towako from MEL School.
How are you doing?
It's Saturday, September 27, 2014.
It's cool today.
Some of you were wearing autumn clothes.
Did you decide what to do tomorrow?
Are you hoping to have a sunny day?
I really hope so!
A typhoon is coming close to Tokyo.
Hope we won't have terrible weather next week.
Unfortunately, we didn't have any speakers today.
The speakers next time are Kentaro and Chiharu.
Get ready for your speech!

<Lesson Review>
基礎英語 Lessons 78 & 79
Bridge Work 
Chapter 20 Unit 1
Exercise-1  #5 
Grammar and Communication-2  hope/plan/agree/promise/decide/try/fail to ...
Exercise-2  #1-a, 1-b.
Star Team  Unit 4  Pronunciation, Song

Have a good Sunday!
See you next week.


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