Lesson Report-Adv.2-Jun.2oth

1. Open Forum-2 Chapter 11 Astronomy   Bonus Read and Think: Robert Owen Evans
=> Think & Write You’re interviewing Evans. Write your response to his comment and a following question to him in 50 words.

2. Inside Reading-3  Unit 4 Public Health Reading-1  Determinants of Mortality
- Read-2 => Study the text to identify the chunks-> Read the last paragraph -> Review
Chunk 1 (Par.1-2) overall history of life expectancy; Figure 1
Chunk 2 (Par.3-5) aspects and phases of mortality reduction; nutrition, public health measures, medicine, Figure 2
Chunk 3 (Par.6-7) life expectancy by countries; Figure 3
Chunk 4 (Par.8-10) factors for difference in life expectancy; groups, hierarchy
=> Task-2 Write a summary of the text within five sentences/100 words.

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