Lesson Report-Advancing 1-Jun.27th

[1] Kikutan-6K  Day 14: Chichen Itza <= Check
- Lis-1=> Write the Main Idea in one sentence-> Lis-2=> Revise the Main Idea.
-> Read=> Revise the Main Idea. -> Shadow Reading
=> Replace mighty, worship => Dic/Tablet
- ruin (v)devastate, destroy, demolish, bankrupt; ~ the trip/game, ~ the chance/career, ~ the building
(n) situation of devastation/destruction, wreck, demolition, the remains of a building or city
- sacrifice  (v) give up, duffer; ~ the quality (n) loss, offering; make a ~, human ~
- worship  (v) honor; ~ god -> worshipper   (n) honoring, devotion; daily/evening ~
- Practice Voca Chant: extraordinary, mighty, sacred, tomb, hollow,
[2] Read & Write-2  Unit 3 Courtesy: Write a paragraph with supporting examples
HW Review Writing: a paragraph to answer the question;
I think that young students today are very rude. I’m one of the senior members of the school Judo club. How can I teach junior members to be polite? => HW by 6/26
1. Write a topic sentence to answer the question.
2. Write examples as many as you can think of to support the topic sentence and main idea.
3. Exchange the planning sheet with a partner. Circle the good examples to support the topic sentence.
4. Choose or revise the examples, or add more examples to best answer the question.
[3] Open Forum Chapter 6  #2 Lecture about the history of money #2
- 2nd Listening => Check the Main Ideas, Explain some of the Details
- 3rd Listening=> Dictation of the key words-> Study unknown/unfamiliar words and phrases.
=> Task-1  Prepare to explain the brief history of money using the below key words in three minutes.
1. barter 2. common currency 3. coins 4. banknotes 5. currency
=> Explain the brief history of money in 120 sec.
=> Task-2  The lecturer mentioned, “nothing backs our money, except people’s trust in it.
What keeps the value of our money up is simply the fact that people believe our money has value.”
=> Discuss what it means and why it’s possible.
- Pronunciation: Intonation in Lists
- Speaking Skills: Asking for Further Information
=> Speaking Practice-2. If someone gave you \1,000,000 right now, what would you do with it?
Tell a partner your response in 60 seconds.

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