Lesson Report-Senior 2p-Jun.16th

1. Cover to Cover-2 Unit 5  Sports  Part 1 Michelle Wie #2
- Read aloud: Par. 7-10=> Task-1 Write in English. Use the expressions and phrases in the text.
1. (par. 8) 彼女が40歳の誕生日を迎える1週間前に、私の母は 市のゴルフトーナメント/大会の予選に初めて通過しようとしていると 私に言った。
2. (par. 9) 彼女はそんなに若くして特に優れた技術を身につけ、多くの若い女の子にゴルフをすることを奮起させたとは言え、彼女はまだどのプロトーナメントでも勝っていないと指摘した。(even though)
1. A week before her 40th birthday, my mom told me that she would try/was trying to qualify for the city’s golf tournament for the first time.
2. Some pointed out that even though she had built exceptional skills at such a young age and (had) inspired many young girls to play golf, she hadn’t won any professional tournaments yet.
- Vocabulary - ancestor - qualify for a tournament  - consistent-consistently - distant-distance - sign a contract - consistent-consistently-consistency - point out
- except-exception-exceptional-exceptionally  - inspire-inspiring-inspiration
Task-2 Do you think that professional athletes get paid too much money?
2. Kikutan-4K  Day 11: A Local Hero
- Lis-1=> Write the Main Idea in one sentence-> Lis-2=> Revise the Main Idea.
-> Read=> Revise the Main Idea. -> Shadow Reading
=> Study Vocabulary: lack of sth, have an opportunity, unique, improve the quality, solve a problem
=> Dic unique 1.bing the only one of its kind; fingerprint is unique to each person
2. Very special, unusual; a ~ talent/opportunity 3. belonging to/connected with; ~ person/place
- Practice Voca Chant: lack<->luck, attend-attendance/attendant, quality-quantity, sincere-sincerity
3. Read & Write-2  Unit 2 Color  Writing-1: Freewriting
- Writing Skill: Free Writing A-> B
Write a color proposal for a business ☆ Study the examples of Color Identity or Image in Biz:
- Identity: Yamato-Sagawa, Yoshinoya-Saizeriya, 7/11-Lawson-Family Mart, Docomo-Softbank,
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ-Mizuho, Waseda-Keio
- Plan to Write A. Brainstorm: Choose a business that could sell product or offer a service.
B. Plan: Freewrite ideas: what business, name, colors, why the color, how your customers feel.
C. Fill out the form to show the outline
=> Plan to Write a paragraph to explain a new business you create. => HW by Jun.22

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