Lesson Report-Senior 2p-Jun.23rd

1. Cover to Cover-2 Unit 5 Sports  Part 2 Fans or Fanatics? #2
- Read w/CD-> Expanding Vocabulary
- Vocabulary - demonstrate-demonstration/demo-demonstrative
- fanatic-fanatical: enthusiast, extremist - define-definition
- unruly behavior, unruly child, unruly fans/crowd
- demonstrate-demonstration/demo-demonstrative
Task-2 1. (Par.4)ある文化において社会的な振舞いが、必ずしも他の文化において受け入れられると考えられるとは限らない。
Social behavior in one culture isn’t always considered acceptable in another culture.
2. (Par.8)今日の競争市場では、より多くの人々が買物をする前に価格を比べるためにインターネットで調べることは、驚くにはあたらないでしょう。 (look up, should not be)
In today’s competitive market, it should not be surprising that more people look up the Internet to compare prices before shopping.
Task-3 Prepare and speak out: What’s Your Opinion? - A
- What do you think is rude at a sporting event? Give reasons for your answer.
2. Kikutan-4K  Day 12: Love Letters
- Lis-1=> Write the Main Idea in one sentence-> Lis-2=> Revise the Main Idea.
-> Read=> Revise the Main Idea. -> Shadow Reading
=> Study Vocabulary: device, inform ~ of/that, draw a picture, under the stuff
=> Dic occasion  a particular time; on this ~, on several ~s, special event; a great/special ~
-occasional  sometimes but not often; an ~ rain/visit/basis/cook
3. Read & Write-2  Unit 2 Color  Writing-1: Freewriting
- Review: a paragraph to explain a new business you create. => HW by Jun.22
Example: If you’re designing a new restaurant, what colors would you use for the outdoor signs, interior (walls/floor/celling/furniture), tableware and employee uniform? Why?
☆ Try These: Compound Sentences (Conjunctions/p.37), Vocabulary (p.41),
Reading and Writing Book 2 Unit 3 Courtesy: What does it mean to be polite?
Preview the Unit Pair - Describe a time when someone was rude to you. What did you do/think?
- Who taught you what’s rude, how to be polite? How were you taught?
- C. Complete the Check List => Talk How polite or rude are you? Explain with Examples.
- Vocabulary/p.45: awkward, appropriately-> Dic appropriate <-> inappropriate: suitable, acceptable or correct for the particular circumstances => ~ response/measure/method/costume/manner

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