Lesson Report Primary- 1 June 26th

Hello class! This is Kumiko from MEL School.
It's Saturday, June 27, 2015. 
It's rainy today. 
Picture Dictionary のTopic 5 (4) を学習しました。
This is Phonics ではSilent eが無い単語の学習をし、次にSilent eを足して単語を作りました。
レッスンの最後に2チームでSilent eの単語対決をしました。
Good work!
Up and Away Student BookP45 How old are you?をペアワークでしました。

<Lesson Review>
Picture Dictionary Topic 5 (4)
Sing the chant.
Put 1-10 words in alphabetical order
This is Phonics 1  Unit 5  Silent e  P43, 44
Up and Away student book  P45  How old are you? 
Pair work.  Interview 3 people. 
Write interview answers in notebook.  Present.
Do writing game (silent e)./  2 groups

Have a good weekend! 
See you next week!


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