Lesson Report-Senior 2p-Jun.26th

1. Cover to Cover-2  Unit 6  Science   Part 1 Being Cute to Survive
- Introduction: Giant Panda, Penguins, Babies, Puppies, Doraemon, Kitty
- Comprehension Strategy: Summarizing-> Read Par.1,8-> Read Par.2,7-> Skim Par.3-6=>Task-A
- Reading-1 => Check Task-A => Checking Comprehension (Underline the answers)
- Reading-2 w/CD -> Read aloud: Par.3-6
- Vocabulary in Context
Dic enthrall(AmE)/enthrall(BrE): captivate, enchant, fascinate, intrigue; ~ the audience-> -ing play
Dic vulnerable (weak and easily hurt) open to attack, defenseless, exposed; ~ to attack/diseases, ~ part - vulnerability; physical/mental/financial ~,
・Task-1 1. Par. 3 While we tend to admire ~ things inspire in us. を日本語にしなさい
2. Kikutan-4K  Day 12: Love Letters #2
Review  Shadow Reading -> Read => Write a summary in 2~3 sentences. Use; occasions, develop
=> Pair Tell the summary without the writing.
3. Tactics for Listening  Unit 13  Hobbies and Pastimes
Listen-3  Take notes and describe what each speaker likes doing. => Pair
Task Tell your partner what someone you know, like parent, brother or sister, likes doing.
- Pronunciation: Syllable stress in words.
- Vocabulary Worksheet: Crossword Puzzle<= Print

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