Lesson Report-Adv.1-Mar.12th

1. Kikutan-6K  Day 45  Solar Roads
Placing solar panels on roads to generate clean energy sounds progressive but technologically feasible/viable.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 9 True and Faults   Reading- 2  Playing with the Pixels
- Study and predict the meaning
- [L44-49] All of them undermine the public’s trust in the reality of news photographs. 
Actually, that’s good. The public tends to assign too much “reality” to what they see in photographs anyway. We should approach all news photos as somewhat unreal.
[L44] undermine  to weaken confidence or authority gradually or insidiously ; weaken, hurt, impair, ruin  
[L47] assign sth to sth  to attribute to a specified cause, origin, or source; ascribe: to ~ a stone cross to the Vikings.  - assign sth to sb to attribute sth to sb; to blame sth on sb: ~ the blame to sb. ~ed the responsibility for the accident to the driver. [L48] approach  to start to deal with in a certain way; face, deal with: to ~ a problem/task/project
- [L50-52] What does it mean for a photograph to be true? That it captures what we would perceive if we were standing where the camera was? <= Need to clarify 
- [L74-75] You can see how quickly the situation gets confused.
- [L94-97] What you see when you contemplate a news photo is what you’re told to see. 
Sometimes perception is controlled by what you’re allowed to see.
[L94] contemplate  to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully: ~ the stars.  
- to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about: ~ a difficult problem.  - to have as a purpose; intend, plan
- [L119] Needless to say, news photographers shouldn’t doctor photographs any more than reporters should 
make up quotes.
- Study Words/Expressions and Text
3. Open Forum-1 Chapter 12 Law  Web Listening
A conversation between an attorney and his client 
- Lis-1-> Exercises, Take notes to describe the problem the client has.
- Lis-2=> Describe the problem the client has.
- Lis-3 with Script=> Describe the problem the client has and the advice the attorney gave.
=> Integrate Speech What would you do if the builder refuses to pay for the repair but offers a free repair work of the kitchen damage? State your answer and explain why and how you’d proceed in 60 seconds.

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