Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Mar.25th

1. Kikutan-4K  Air Pollution in China
Air pollution in China is a serious problem especially in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai but it is unlikely for the residents of those cities to see clear skies in the near future.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 3  Reading-1 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game
- Read-1 -> Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph. Mark the topic of the paragraph.
-> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the location and paragraph #, Correct false statements.
(- Reading Skill Scanning Signal Words, Key Words=> Apply Underline the answer, signal/key words)
Video-Face Recognition Solutions by NEC
3. Read & Write-2  Unit 9  Writing: Alternate Assignment
- Writing Skill: Using numbers to support ideas. 
-> A. Identify MI, study the population growth. -> B. 
=> Describe a trend, situation, event, place or thing, or your grades or profile using numbers & facts.
- Grammar: The Present Perfect
-> A. have/has studied/lived for permanent/long time, have been –ing for emphasis on the present –ing.
-> B. Pair Ask two questions using the present perfect. 
=> Answer the questions in the present perfect and explain in the past and present tense.
Writing (Alternate Assignment): Plan -> T’s Check
Blog Write a paragraph to describe your community/society such as school, local community or country. 
Write two or three points that are important or unique and use numbers to support them. 
=> HW by 3/30

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