Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Mar.4th

1. Kikutan-4K Day 41 The Red List
The ICUN Red List files/registers/publicizes all kinds of creatures that face danger of extinction.
The list is updated every few years and is used to convince people to protect wildlife.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 2  Reading-2 Product Placement
- Read Par.3 & 4 -> Compare the first and last sentences.
-> Par.3: Product placement -> In the viewer’s mind, the product registers as …
-> Par.4: Companies may turn -> If the film is good, viewers will equate …
- Read Par.6 aloud-> Practice reading and understanding the numbers.
- Read Par.9 aloud-> Understand what this article wants to say.
=> Blog Write a summary of the text within 100 words. => Pair Compare the summary.
Par.2, 6=> Product placement is an effective and cost efficient tool to market products to consumers. 
Par.2=> It is also welcomed by the TV or movie companies because it finances their production.
Par.3, 7=> Products shown in movies or TV shows such as cars and smartphones are more naturally and positively remembered by the viewers than commercials if they are presented properly.
Par.8=> Product placement is expected to extend to new media such as games, videos and the Internet in more sophisticated way. 
Par.9=> Companies are even hoping their products are talked among the viewers and their peers along with the stories or shows those products were placed. (100 words)
3. Open Forum-1 Chapter 2 Literature   #2: Informal Conversation about Books - Blog Lis-3 w/Script-> Voc: identify with (to feel that you can understand and share the feeling of sb else)  sincere-insincere, be hooked
- Pronunciation: Content Words=> Pair Practice Reading the long passages of the transcript
- Speaking Practice: Prepare to describe a book/movie/story that you really enjoyed or remember well, or that you were moved by or identified with, or that opened up a new door to something new to you.
=> ☆Describe the story of a book, movie or story that you enjoyed and why like it in 90 seconds.

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