Lesson Report-Adv.1-Mar.26th

1. Kikutan-6K Day 46 Oxfam America Hunger Banquet 
Oxfam America holds “Hunger Banquet” event to improve awareness of hunger in the world by providing simple food such as rice and water to the guests.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 10  Bites and Stings
Target Words Dic append  to add as a supplement: to append a footnote.; add, affix 
-> appendix  separate additional material at the end of a book/magazine, esp documentary or explanatory
Reading-1  Attack of the Fire Ants
- Preview: Check the title, headings, image/captions, chart-> Predict the topic
Intro; appendage [əpɛndɪdʒ] a subordinate part attached to something; an auxiliary part; addition. 
 - any member of the body diverging from the axial trunk.
- Skim the text=>Blog Write the main ideas in three sentences=> Speak the main idea in 60 seconds
Fire ants sting many people in the U.S. Their venom is toxic to human nerve system and not easily neutralized.
They live only in hot to warm temperature zones in the world and also can survive in buildings where temperature is kept warm enough.
3. Read & Write-2   Unit 9  Writing: Alternate Assignment
- Writing Skill: Using numbers to support ideas. 
-> A. Identify MI, study the population growth. -> B. 
=> Describe a trend, situation, event, place or thing, or your grades or profile using numbers & facts.
- Grammar: The Present Perfect
-> A. have/has studied/lived for permanent/long time, have been –ing for emphasis on the present –ing.
-> B. Pair Ask two questions using the present perfect. 
=> Answer the questions in the present perfect and explain in the past and present tense.
Writing (Alternate Assignment): Plan -> T’s Check
Blog Write a paragraph to describe your community/society such as school, local community or country. 
Write two or three points that are important or unique and use numbers to support them. 
=> HW by 4/5
Blog Japan kills 333 minke whales  

Watch the video and read the text. Prepare to answer the question, "Why Japan still hunts whales?” in four to six sentences for the next lesson on Apr. 6th.

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