Lesson Report Junior-2 March 21st

Hello class! This is Towako from MEL School.
How are you doing?
It's Tuesday, March 22, 2016.
It's sunny and warm today! 
Do you think you should study hard during spring break?
I think you can enjoy the holiday if you don't get too lazy.
It's better for you to prepare for school!
Our speaker yesterday was Hikaru.
He talked about his favorite person.
The next speaker is Kotoko.
Get ready for your speech and try your best on your presentation.

You have one more lesson to go before MEL spring break!

<Lesson Review>
Bridge Work-3
Chapter 26 Unit 2 (page 18)
Vocabulary in Use #1 学校などに関することば
Practice with the tablet
Chapter 26 Unit 1
Review: Reporting  Practice indirect speech
Review: Grammar in Use
Chapter 26 Unit 2 (pages 14 to 15)
Grammar and Communication -1 modal verbs
Exercise-1 #1, 2-a, 2-b, 2-c, and 3
Engage Unit 6  One of a kind
Living English  Reading
Famous firsts   Review: Reading practice

Have an awesome week.
See you on Thursday!


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