Lesson Report Junior-1 March 7th

Hello class! This is Miharu from MEL School.
It’s Tuesday, March 8th, 2016.
It’s a beautiful sunny day today.
What do you usually do after school on sunny days?
スピーチの聞き方やBook 2の学習にも慣れてきましたね。
Our speaker yesterday was Mayu.
She talked about her weekend.
She went shopping with her mom and sister and bought some clothes.
The next speaker is Yui.
Try your best!

<Lesson Review>
Bridge Work  Chapter 13 Unit1
Verbs from Book1 (11-20)
Exercise-1 #1-c
Let’s Check-1
Grammar and Communication-2 simple present & present continuous
Exercise-2 #1
Engage  Unit8  Free Time
Reading exercises about the show choir

Have a nice week, everyone!
See you again on Thursday.


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