Lesson Report-Adv.1-Mar.5th

1. Kikutan-6K  Day 44  Weather and Climate
While weather conditions change daily, climate shows gradual and long-term change in environment.
- season to season, day to day; daily, regular, routine: ~ operations, ~ life
- year after year -> day after day; continually, every day -> day by day; gradually
- over a (long) period of time
- detect Dic to discover/catch sb in the performance of some act; find, disclose, reveal: ~ s cheating  
- to discover the existence of; catch, find, notice, recognize : ~ the odor of gas.
-> metal detector  -> a detective, detective story
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 9 True and Faults   Reading- 2  Playing with the Pixels
- Read-2 -> Study the structure and main ideas of each chunk and paragraph.
Photo Alteration: Par.1, 2, 3 Examples => undermine the public’s trust in the new photos
=> Par. 4 The public shouldn’t simply trust the photos in the news.
What’s Truth? : Par.5, 6 Examples of alterations, emphasis, amendment of photos and images
=> Par. 6 It’s difficult to draw a clear line between what’s acceptable or inaccurate.
What we see/Perception? : Examples of viewers’ perception controlled by the media in Par.7, 8
=> Photo alteration is inevitable and it could alter viewer’s perceptions.
=>Blog Write a summary of the text in five to eight sentences or around 100 words
   by Mar.7th
3. Open Forum-1 Chapter 12 Law  Radio Call-in Program about Legal Questions  
- 3rd Lis w/Script (Blog)
[A] Describe Patty’s problem and the legal expert’s advice in the third person speech
[B] Describe Andrew’s problem and the legal expert’s advice in the third person speech
=> What do you think? [A]  Discuss with a partner what you would do if you were Patty. 
=> What do you think? [B] Discuss with a partner what you think about the liability issues in the U.S.? 
-> Vocabulary and Expressions - ethic-ethical-ethically - legally obligated, be obliged to  - notify-notification - liable-liability
- Pronunciation; Intonation with Wh- Questions
- Speaking Skills: Rephrasing to Check Understanding
- Speaking Practice: Read the situations aloud-> Read the legal information aloud. 
=> Explain What you would do if you were the person Situation 3 who injured an arm and couldn’t go to school for two weeks and missed an important event such as an exam or a sport competition.

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