Lesson Report Junior-2 March 7th

Hello class! This is Towako from MEL School.
How are you doing?
It's Tuesday, March 8, 2016.
It's sunny and beautiful today.
It's going to be even warmer today than yesterday.
What are you doing this weekend?
Are you going out after the exams?
What are you doing during the spring break?
If you don't have any plans to do, what are you going to do?
予定を表す be + -ing と 予測、意思を表す be going to は今のように使います。
I hope you learned a lot from the lesson yesterday!
Our presenter yesterday was Yasuhiro.
He showed his favorite artist's CD and talked about her.
Good job!
The next speaker is Tatsuya.
Get ready for your speech and try your best on your presentation.

<Lesson Review>
Bridge Work-3
Chapter 26 Unit 1  (pages 8, 9, and 11)
Grammar and Communication-1  Present simple
Exercise-1 #2
Grammar and Communication-2 be -ing, be going to
Vocabulary in Use #1 人の性格に関することば => Practice with the tablet

Have an awesome week!
See you on Thursday.


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