Lesson Report-Adv.1-Mar.19th

1. Kikutan-6K  Day 45  Solar Roads
- Listen-> Read aloud=> Tell-1 a summary in 2-3 sen-> Read aloud=> Tell-2->Practice Chant
Though solar panels generate clean energy, it takes a lot of space install them. There is plenty of space on the ground, roads. Placing solar panels on roads sounds progressive but it is feasible with today’s technology.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 9 True and Faults   Reading- 2  Playing with the Pixels
- Study Words/Expressions and Text -2 
3. Special-1  Introduction to MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) 
  edX  Introduction-The significance of Beethoven’s 9th symphony  (4:44)
Special-2  Greece's 'warehouse of souls:' Refugees stuck in old stadiums, derelict airport  
derelict: deserted, abandoned
- Watch Videos  Intro Video  - Border (w/o sound)  - Life  2:42
- Map of Europe/Route refugees take 
- Read the article=> Think 
Is it a good thing to have the children of such refugees in you class? 
Is your family ready to welcome refugee families in your neighborhood? 
Will you help them settle in your school or community?
=> Do you think Japan should take some of those refugees? 
    Speak your answer in 4-6 sentences.

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