Lesson Report Senior-1 March 8th

Hello class! This is Towako from MEL School.
How's everything going?
It's Wednesday, March 9, 2016.
It's raining today.
What are you like?
Do you think you are dependable?
Do you sometimes get rebellious?
It's interesting to learn how people become who they are.
We'll learn more about our personality next time!
Our speaker yesterday was Kaede.
She talked about what she likes doing, and she told us about her traveling.
The next speaker is Kentaro.
Get ready for your speech!

<Lesson Review>
基礎英語 Lesson 163 & 164
Bridge Work
Chapter 36 Unit 2
Grammar and Communication-2 Countable and uncountable nouns
Workbook page 53
Grammar and Communication-3  modal auxiliary verbs-possibilities
Chapter 36 Unit 1 VIU #1 領土などに関することば(1)

Enjoy the rest pf the week!
See you all on Friday.


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