Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Mar.11th

1. Kikutan-4K  Day 42  The Disappearing Islands 
The Marshall Islands are facing destructive environmental challenges by the rise of sea levels. It is estimated that the majority of the country will be underwater by the end of the century. They are now asking for cooperation of the global community to stop sea levels rising.
2. Inside Reading-2  Unit 2  Reading-2 Product Placement
- Study Words/Expressions: [P1] deed: act/action  contradict (to assert the contrary or opposite of; 
deny directly and categorically)  [P2] arise-arose-arisen: appear, occur, begin, rise, get up, wake   revenue (gov. income from tax, gross income from biz) tax ~s, in ~   likable: nice, attractive, appealing  subsidize (to aid or support with a subsidy: a financial aid supplied by a government to industry, financial aid, endowment, support, payment)-subsidization   [P3] apparent: possible, clear, obvious, evident - apparently   subtle -subtler/more ~ (not immediately obvious or comprehensible, difficult to detect or analyze: nice, quiet, delicate, clever, sophisticated)  a ~ scent, ~ change/approach  feature (include a particular person/thing) the movie ~s …, hotels ~d in the brochure  registered as: recorded as  [P4] equate (to regard, treat, or represent as equivalent)- equal-equation  convert (v: to change/adapt the form, character, or function of; transform) – convert (n) – conversion [P5] consciousness-conscious (aware of one’s surroundings/thoughts/motivations, aware of/giving value or emphasis to a particular fact/thing): alert, aware, deliberate, intentional I am ~ of your great kindness, a ~ effort/rudeness  longstanding: lasting, deep routed, continuing distraction-distract (divert attention: disturb, trouble, confuse) The music distracted him from his work. [P6] showcase: display, exhibit, show, advertise   [P7] presume-presumably: assume, expect, believe, count on  [P8] viral (adj: relating to/caused by a virus, spread quickly and widely among internet users via SNS, e-mail)  ridicule (v: to make fun of, mock, or deride: tease, laugh at, mock  n: language or behavior to humiliate or mock) -ridiculous: very silly or unreasonable 
- Reading Skill/p.28: Finding the Details (Finding the MI in Reading-1) 
=> Apply/p.28: mark the paragraph number ☆disregard less than 1/5 of the U.S. amount => Pair
3.Open Forum-1 Chapter 2 Literature Web  Class Discussion about Romeo and Juliet
- Before Listening: Verona, Italy,  Romeo Montague   Juliet Capulet  Paris 
- Lis-1-> Find the answers. Take memo to explain what the play is about.
- Lis-2=> Explain what the play is about and the story line in 90 seconds.
=> Explain how Juliet develops her personality throughout the story
- Lis-3-> Blog Listen and Read the Script=> Describe what Romeo and Julie is in 90 seconds.

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