Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Mar.8th

1. Kikutan-4K  Day 42  The Disappearing Islands
The Marshall Islands are facing destructive environmental challenges by the rise of sea levels and asking for cooperation of the global community.
2. Read & Write-2  Unit 9  Reading 1: Cultural Differences in Counting, a science report
- Vocabulary/p.165: as opposed to, assume-assumption, extend-extent: to some extent
- Scan the text and highlight scientist/researcher, proper nouns (name, place)
- Read-1-> (1) Identify TS, Mark the Topic and Subject (name, people) of each paragraph
 -> (2) Mark the Topic and Subject (name, people) of each Question of the Main Ideas and Details
-> (3) Answer the Questions. Write the Paragraph numbers you referred to. Correct the wrong info.
=> Pair to check the TSs, Answers to MI/D
-> Study Par.2 to check the structure, subjects and flow. -> Read Par.2 aloud.
-> Study Par.3 to check the structure, subjects and flow. => Pair to check the understanding
- Read-2=> What do you think 1. What’s the most surprising/interesting thing you learned in the article? 
- Read-3-> Study Words/Expressions: (Par.1) assume   (Par.2) extend   (P’ar.7) as opposed to,
- Reading Skill: Making inferences -> [A] -> [B] -> [C] => Pair to check the answers
=>Blog Write your response within eight sentences including an example or your own experience by 3/20
3. Inside Reading-2  Unit 2 The Business of Branding  Reading-2 Product Placement
- Review Blog the summary of the text within 100 words.
Par.2, 6=> Product placement is an effective and cost efficient tool to market products to consumers. 
Par.2=> It is also welcomed by the TV or movie companies because it finances their production.
Par.3, 7=> Products shown in movies or TV shows such as cars and smartphones are more naturally and positively remembered by the viewers than commercials if they are presented properly.
Par.8=> Product placement is expected to extend to new media such as games, videos and the Internet in more sophisticated way.     Par.9=> Companies are even hoping their products are talked among the viewers and their peers along with the stories or shows those products were placed. (100 words)
- Study Sentences: [L54-P3] If the film is ~ that of the product. 
[L76-P6] Financing product placement ~ for three to four years. 
<= $175k/30sec->$3.5mil/10min x 300days/year= $3.5bil (Prod Placement in US)=> Prod Plc/3~4yrs.
[L131-P9] Conversations like this ~ great advertisers dream. 

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