Lesson Report-Adv.1-Mar.9th

1. Kikutan-6K  Day 44  Weather and Climate
Weather conditions change daily, unsuitable to analyze long-term trend.
Climate is analyzed annually, so that it shows gradual and long-term change in environment.
2. Read & Write-2 Unit 9  Reading 1: Cultural Differences in Counting, a science report
- Vocabulary/p.165: as opposed to, assume-assumption, extend-extent: to some extent
- Scan the text and highlight scientist/researcher, proper nouns (name, place)
- Read-1-> (1) Identify TS, Mark the Topic and Subject (name, people) of each paragraph
 -> (2) Mark the Topic and Subject (name, people) of each Question of the Main Ideas and Details
-> (3) Answer the Questions. Write the Paragraph numbers you referred to. Correct the wrong info.
=> Pair to check the TSs, Answers to MI/D
-> Study Par.2 to check the structure, subjects and flow. -> Read Par.2 aloud.
-> Study Par.3 to check the structure, subjects and flow. => Pair to check the understanding
- Read-2=> What do you think 1. What’s the most surprising/interesting thing you learned in the article? 
- Read-3-> Study Words/Expressions: (Par.1) assume   (Par.2) extend   (P’ar.7) as opposed to,
Dic assume  to think/accept sth is true w/o proof, expect: ~ing I pass the exam, It is ~d that …: ~ the worst
Dic -extend  to draw out or be drawn out; stretch, to last for a certain time: program extended for three years, 
to reach a certain point in time or distance: the land extends five miles, extended family
- Reading Skill: Making inferences -> [A] -> [B] -> [C] => Pair to check the answers
=>Blog Write your response within eight sentences including an example or your own experience 
by 3/20
3. Inside Reading-2  Unit 9 True and Faults   Reading- 2  Playing with the Pixels
Blog Review the summary of the text in 5-8 sentences or around 100 words 
<= Blog Model Sum

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