Lesson Report Junior-1 March 14th

Hello class! This is Miharu from MEL School.
It’s Tuesday, March 15th, 2016.
It’s sunny today.
How often do you go shopping?
I often go shopping. I go shopping 4 times a week.
動作の頻度を表す副詞(always, usually, often…) に代わる表現を学びましたね。
Our speaker yesterday was Kanata.
He talked about his weekend.
He studied last Sunday, but he got bored in the afternoon.
So, he watched TV.
The next speaker is Koki.
Get ready for your speech! 

<Lesson Review>
Bridge Work Chapter 13 Unit1
Verbs From Book1 (32-39)
Grammar and Communication-4 both A and B/ not only A but also B
be good at-ing/ be interested in-ing
Let’s Check-4
Engage Unit 8 Free Time
Expressions of frequency

Have a nice week, everyone!
See you again on Thursday.


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