Lesson Report Junior-1 March 11th

Hello class! This is Towako from MEL School.
It's Friday, March 11, 2016.
It's raining today.
How are you doing?
Do you like not only English but also math?
We had two speakers today.
Both Noi and Mei tried hard and did a good job!
今日のレッスンではnot only ... but also ..., both ... and ...の使い方を練習しました。
Are you interested in visiting America?
Then, you must be good at speaking English!
そして、be interested in, be good at -ing の表現も練習しました。
The next speaker is Rina.
Get ready for your speech! 
Don’t forget your smile! 

<Lesson Review>
Questions!  How was your weekend?
Bridge Work
Chapter 13 Unit 1
Grammar and Communication-4  not only ... but also ..., both ... and ..., be interested in, be good at -ing
Engage Unit 8
Grammar  Expressions of frequency
#2 and 3 

Have an awesome weekend!
See you all on Tuesday.



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